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English 235: Introduction to Shakespeare

Introduction to Shakespeare's art. Discussion and analysis of selected plays (tragedies, comedies, and histories) and non-dramatic poetry. Some attention may be given to the historical, artistic, literary, theatrical, and/or social influences of Renaissance England contributing to the development of Shakespeare’s literary achievements.


English 232: British Literature II

This course studies British literature from the Romantic Period to the present. (Prerequisite: ENGL C070 with a grade of "C" or better and level 1 writing classification recommended.)


English 222: World Literature II

This course provides a chronological survey of the literature of Europe from the seventeenth century through the twentieth century. (Prerequisite: ENGL C070 with a grade of "C" or better or level 1 reading and level 1 writing classification recommended.)


English 141: Creative Writing

This course is a creative writing workshop in which the student submits original short stories and poems for group discussion. The student will also study works by contemporary authors in order to develop knowledge of the form and theory behind good fiction and poetry. (Prerequisite: ENGL C070) Advisory: Level 1 Reading


English 111: Introduction to Types of Literature

This course provides an introduction to the analysis and interpretation of imaginative literature and will develop your ability to understand structure, theme, and artistic purpose in works of poetry, drama, and fiction. In this class, we will read one contemporary American novel, a selection of some of the finest American poems and short stories, and two stage classics. Let's read, discuss, and enjoy our time with these challenging works.


English 102: Critical Thinking Through Literature

Students will continue development of critical reasoning skills begun in ENGL C101 through advanced study of imaginative literature (novels, poetry, drama). This course will emphasize critical analysis, principles of logic, and presentation of carefully reasoned arguments. Students will write four to five expository essays including a lengthy research paper (total: 8,000 words). CAN ENGL 4 Prerequisite: ENGL C101 with a grade of "C" or better or equivalent.)


English 101: Freshman Composition

In this composition course for transfer to four-year institutions, students write five to seven expository and argumentative essays, including a substantive research paper of 2,000 words showing the student's ability to analyze and evaluate source material and to generate and develop independent topics of inquiry appropriate to academic work total: 7,000 words). The course emphasizes analyzing and actively engaging university-level concepts presented in outside sources. (Prerequisite: English 70 or Level 1 Writing.) Advisory: Level 1 Reading.


English 92: Punctuation and Grammar Refresher

This course is designed for students of all levels. Topics include recognizing sentence patterns, avoiding run-ons and fragments, knowing when to use the comma, correctly employing the minor punctuation marks of semicolon, colon, dash, and others. Some time will be spent on grammar's relation to style and a brief history of the English language. (Prerequisites: Writing Level 2) Advisory: Reading Level 2.


English 70: Introductory Composition

This composition course for AA/AS degrees prepares students to take transfer-level courses and to enter the job market. Students write four to six short expository and argumentative essays and a 1000-1250 word research paper with a central controlling idea; coherent development to a reasoned conclusion; and correct sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. The course further emphasizes properly acknowledging and documenting outside sources. (Prerequisite: English C040 or Level 2 Writing) Advisory: Level 1 Reading


English 40: Improving Basic Writing Skills

This course, which is preparation for College Composition, is designed to teach students to write short compositions (500-750 words each) with clear organization, development, keywords, thesis, topic sentences, and sufficient supporting details. Students will become familiar with a variety of rhetorical modes, be introduced to expository and text-based writing, and complete in-class compositions. Major and minor principles of grammar will be reviewed. (Prerequisites: English C030 or Level 3 Writing) Advisory: Level 2 Reading


English 30: Basic Writing Skills

This course teaches students ways to develop and organize ideas in short writings, focusing on the importance of coherent, unified, and well-developed paragraphs with topic sentences and effective supporting detail. The course will also cover how to build these paragraphs into short essays and how to revise and edit for correctness. Major principles of grammar will be reviewed. (Prerequisites: English C020 or Level 4 Writing) Advisory: Level 3 Reading






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